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Welcome to a better shopping experience that also raises funds for charity when you shop on holidays, special occasions, or for things you buy every day! 

Links for the following two participating stores are on the services page of this website:

Amazon has everything from basic necessities to major purchase items, and the majority of their items have sale prices, discounts, and free shipping available.

Amway that has the highest quality, affordable cleaning products and cosmetics on the market anywhere.   If you enjoy finding new products that fit your lifestyle, you'll love what's in MyShop!

Amway customers qualify for money saving discounts on products, free shipping, and more.  I'd love to sign up new Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who want to earn extra money while simultaneously raising funds for Magnet Inc.  Contact me for all the details, about how to sign up.

Thanks for visiting my blog, 

Have a nice one,
Ronnie Evans

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